Pointless Programming is about high-level languages like Python and Scheme, that allow a programmer to forget about low-level details and focus on the problem at hand.

The second meaning behind Pointless Programming has to do with my research into Artificial Intelligence. Most people would say that it is pointless and indeed I do not expect to create a living being in the computer any time soon. However AI research is far from pointless, as it forces you to tackle hard problems and come up with novel ways to solve them. The fruits of AI programming are many and varied, though seldom consist of intelligent bits.

Why Blog?

There are a few reasons why I decided to start a blog. First and foremost, I find that writing tutorials/articles is a great way for me to firm up my understanding of technical concepts. Also trying to use those articles to teach my non-programmer friends what I do for fun, is a great learning experience.

Putting my knowledge on the web has some great advantages. Not only might someone else learn from it, but someone else might correct me or point me to a better solution. I am 100% self-taught and, not having any professors to correct my answers, there may be some nuances that slip through my grasp.

Having never gone to school for CS and living in an area that has a small tech community, I don’t know anyone who programs. To put it plainly, this sucks. I’m hoping that by blogging, I can meet some people with similar interests to my own. If you’re one of them I’d love to hear from you!


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi. I find this blog very interesting. Im not a professional programmer and I dont have any knowledge in languages like python etc. But I got motivated by your blog to explore the world of High level programming and AI rather than sitting in the basic programming world. I do a lot of C, C++, C# but never anything big. THanks!!!!

    • Thank you, I’m glad that you’ve found my blog interesting and motivating! If you want any help, or just want to talk about programming in general you can email me at jacktradespublic (at) gmail dot com. I’m very interested in meeting people who enjoy programming at all levels.

  2. Oh thanks bro!!!!
    I do love programming. But Im a beginner. Maybe i can learn a couple of stuff from you……. Now Im teaching my self c#.thanks

  3. Thanks bro, I came to know of your site when you answering one of my questions on Yahoo answers. It is very straigthforward and teaches the basic stuff, unlike other tutorials where they expect you to know some things.

    Thanks again!


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